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Welcome to the registration site for MUSC’s youth fall recreational teams.  The following information is provided for your use.  The first item is the Age Matrix for the 2013-2014 playing year.  For recreational players, there will be a registration in each season of play; one for fall 2013 and the second for spring 2014. 

Age Matrix 2013-2014

U19 - Player is Born between 8/1/94 and 7/31/95
U18 - Player is Born between 8/1/95 and 7/31/96
U17 - Player is Born between 8/1/96 and 7/31/97
U16 - Player is Born between 8/1/97 and 7/31/98
U15 - Player is Born between 8/1/98 and 7/31/99
U14 - Player is Born between 8/1/99 and 7/31/00
U13 - Player is Born between 8/1/00 and 7/31/01
U12 - Player is Born between 8/1/01 and 7/31/02
U11 - Player is Born between 8/1/02 and 7/31/03
U10 - Player is Born between 8/1/03 and 7/31/04
U9 - Player is Born between 8/1/04 and 7/31/05
U8 - Player is Born between 8/1/05 and 7/31/06
U7 - Player is Born between 8/1/06 and 7/31/07
U6 - Player is Born between 8/1/07 and 7/31/08

U5 - Player is Born between 8/1/08 and 7/31/09
U4 - Player is Born between 8/1/09 and 7/31/10

A player must be 4 years old before 8/1/14 to be eligible for registration with MUSC or a player must have been 3 years of age by 8/1/13

Fees will be based on the current age of the player registering.  From the Age Matrix, you will be able to view the expected fee based upon the fee structure below:

U6 coed- $70 per player  (example: a player born in December 2007 will be in the U6 age group and will pay this fee at the completion of the registration application)

U8 and above - $80 per player.   (example: a player born in January  2000 will be in the U14 age group and will pay this fee at the completion of the registration application)

Discounts are being made available through registration process for those families that may have more than one player wishing to play recreational soccer.  At the end of the initial application you will be posed with the question of the interest in registering the additional player.  At the end of registering all of the youth players, proceed to the payment section.  It is here that the system will discount $5 off each additional player registered from the same household on the calculated payment total.

Registration will begin on January 10th, 2014. The end of the initial registration will be February 16, 2014. Registration after 11:59 PM on February 16, 2014 will be assessed a late fee of $20 with late registration ending on February 23rd.  In like fashion, The Mail-in Check option will not be available after February 16, 2014. Registration after 11:59 PM on February 16th, 2014, players will be placed in the registration waitlist.

MUSC has also instituted a fee cap of $305 per household on recreational registration fees.


Teams will be established in 2-year age groups pending the number of players applications received.  It is the intent of MUSC to assign players within their identified age group.  MUSC also intends to provide gender specific teams for U8 and older teams.  The Club reserves the right to combine player age groups or create coed teams pending the number of players at any age level above U8. U6 teams will be established as coed.

Field Preference

The requested Field Preference will try to be accommodated, but is not guaranteed. MUSC will always work to honor the player’s request.  However, sometimes the number of players may dictate that players be placed at another field location.

Coaches and other Volunteers

MUSC relies on its volunteers.  This is a great way to get to know other parents, players, and staff and to give back to the program.  There is always need for volunteers at both the team and club level.  For information on positions and involvement in MUSC, please contact one of the members on the MUSC Board of Directors. Please also check the appropriate areas in Section VIII of the application.

Coaches will be required to complete a Risk Management Application prior to the assignment to coach a recreational team.  Please use the following link to complete your application.  Please make sure you select Mountaineer United Soccer Club under the recreation section in the drop down menu when identifying our organization.  Risk Managment Link for 2013-2014 Download/View File ].


You are now ready to begin the fall registration process.  Please click on the link below to begin your registration.  Make sure you have a copy of your player’s birth certificate or passport or other legal documentation to support the legal name and birth date of the player.

Spring 2014 Registration for Recreation Soccer is now closed

If your player is either a non-resident to the State of West Virginia or a non-citizen living in the United States, please contact the Registrar (info@muscwv.com) to obtain advisement on completing a registration or waiver, respectively for these players.  Information can also be found in the Registration Corner of the MUSC website or the WV Soccer Association page for Youth International Clearance Forms/Directions

Please visit Youth Non Residents requesting to play in WV Soccer Association for directions identified by the state of residence.  

NEW FUNdamentals! U6 program!!

As part of our overall efforts to improve the services we are providing to our players and their families, we are very excited to let you know about some important improvements being made to our entry level player program. These changes are designed in accordance with US Soccer Federation programs, as well as incorporating cutting-edge child development methodologies. We will be using a combination of professional coaches and parent volunteers, and it is our intention that our volunteers gain valuable skills that they can take forward in their own coaching careers as they follow their young soccer players on their journey with the beautiful game!

This program will bring all of our U5/U6 soccer players into one group, combining our previous U6 Recreation League with our U6 Junior Academy. The MUSC U5/U6 FUNdamentals! program is designed to help these young athletes develop coordination, balance, agility, and a love for being active. We will teach foundational soccer skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting, which all help to increase psychomotor skills, and we will also introduce basic team concepts. Using imaginative and creative games, the MUSC FUNdamentals! Coaching Staff will also be incorporating parent volunteers (yes, you may get to play too!) to create a fun environment of exploration in soccer and movement. Each session will end with a ‘game’ where the children have a chance to implement some of the skills they have been working on.

Program plans on beginning March 31st and run for 8 weeks.

The U6 FUNdamentals! program will be offered as follows:

Monday – Cheat Lake field complex or St. Francis de Sales Catholic School fields

Cheat Lake

Last Names beginning A-M - 5:15 - 6:15
​Last Names beginning N-Z - 6:30 - 7:30

St Francis - 6:00 - 7:00

Wednesday - St. Francis de Sales Catholic School Fields

6:00 - 7:00

Thursday - Laurel Point Soccer Complex

Last Names beginning A-M - 5:15 - 6:15
Last Names beginning N-Z - 6:30 - 7:30

FRIDAY! - 3 v 3 ROUND ROBIN - This will take place at Cheat Lake and Laurel Point, St Francis players will go to Laurel Point. You show up at your coordinating time and just play soccer! This will be run mostly by parent volunteers during this time, but there will be LOTS of encouragement offered! This is a chance for the kids to start putting things together at their own pace, in a very fun environment!

Last Names beginning A-M - 5:15 - 6:15
Last Names beginning N-Z - 6:30 - 7:30


$70 for 1 day per week, plus Friday 3v3

If you would like to register for an additional day, plus the Friday 3 v 3, please see Laurel O'Neal  


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